About Us


♥ Love for Animals ♥

We are an animal-loving couple.

❤️ 15 years of experience working in a print shop  making digital design, web pages, photography and photo retouching.

❤️ We make your Professional Web Page, don’t doubt that it will have the best images with the best effects.

We have worked for firms such as Affinity, Purina, Amazon, and many other small companies related to the world of pets.🐶😺❤️.

Before creating meliav.net, we were already selling beautiful customizable designs for pets on Meliav.art. An ETSY store which we have a 5-star customer satisfaction rating and which we invite you to visit.

And at Meliav.com, you will find a nice blog where we show all the new designs we are creating.

Thank you very much for your visit 🥰😻👍.

Jacob & Melissa

We invite you to visit our artistic designs page; MELIAV.ART

To contact us,↑Dalsy↑ is the Customer Service Manager. Click on the image and fill in the contact form or send us an email. She will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you. 🙂

colage de perros y gatos con sus propietarios. Meliav.net